Amid the call for a general feminist strike on Monday, Santiago woke up with traffic cuts and barricades in some important roads.

Dozens of members of the Ukamau community organization staged demonstrations at Santiago’s main street Libertador General Bernardo O’Higgins Avenue, in the Estacion Central commune, where the traffic was blocked until participants in the strike were evicted with tear gas by police forces.

Similar incidents were also reported in the so-called Autopista del Sol highway, which links Santiago with Valparaiso, where Ukamau residents set fire to barricades, causing serious traffic jams in the heavy traffic at dawn.

Vicuña Mackenna and General Velazquez avenues, on the outskirts of the city, were also blocked.

Speaking to Radio Bio Bio station, from one of those places, Victoria Herrera, spokeswoman for Ukamau, said that the women of the most needy communities join to the feminist strike to give visibility to the female workers.

The feminist general strike announced for Monday under the call of the 8M Coordinating Committee, is part, along with the Sunday massive demonstrations, of the main actions in what they have been called feminist March.

The prelude to this new day of protests to demand equality and elimination of patriarchy was the imposing demonstration that hundreds of thousands of women carried out in Santiago on Sunday night and it was retorted at different times of the day in dozens of cities throughout Chile.

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