After the video that was published yesterday by Forensic Architecture, an independent university based research agency undertaking media and spatial research of state and corporate violence, there is much proof that a Syrian asylum seeker was shoot dead in the Greek borders with Turkey (Evros). National public opinion is in a state of shock, while the greek government still denies the fact.

In addition to this, a cry for help comes from the editor of a local newspaper in Evros, Giannis Laskarakis. In an opinion article he describes the following:

Incredible things are happening right now in Evros. A nationalist and intolerant tsunami is sweeping our land. Some are circulating in arms demonstrating militia against the “invasion” of immigrants and refugees.

Armed farmers beat CNN journalist Costa Pliako as he tried to defend “arrests” of migrants who mistreated them.

Illegal settlers of the Evros Delta protected habitat have come out wide to hunt down their “villains” and to justify their arbitrary “villas” as glorified defenders of the homeland, as former Minister of Defence Kamenos called them. The unfortunate thing is that some have even led the Prime Minister to take pictures with them, repeat his words and promise to legalize their arbitrariness.

The Church blesses the weapons and the heretics are photographed with the gunmen. Days of 1897. “Glory days” shining against the non-existent enemy. Dudes for nothing.

What is certain is that there is no hope for this place to exploit its geostrategic position and escape the fate of exotic margins, which are only remembered in crises.

Someone needs to speak up. My fellow journalists and columnists in Athens, politicians who resist ethnicism, ordinary citizens who are ashamed of what is happening. The locals are already accepting threats and insults. Orestiada’s journalist was forced to make his article “disappear”. Evros seeks the support of progressive citizens.