Women of Diverse Origins (WDO), a multi-generational collective has organized the International Women’s Day (IWD) demonstration since 2002 in Montreal, centering the marginalized, calls you to take to the streets of Tiohtià ke (Montreal) in this significant moment in history.

This year Women of Diverse Origins (WDO) want to emphasize their support for the Indigenous people in Wet’suwet’en land.

“Decades of neoliberal politics, austerity and wars have unmasked inequality and repression like never before. As women, many from the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, Asia and marginalized populations in Quebec and Canada, we identify ourselves with these struggles and are inspired by them”, said Nicole Jetté, activist for the rights of women on social assistance.

“Palestinian women, continue with determined courage to be the backbone of resistance against decades of brutal military occupation against the Israeli apartheid regime. Haitian women lay bare imperialism cloaked in so-called humanitarian aid. In India a new generation of feminist activists and ‘ordinary’ housewives lead the fight against Hindutva ethno-nationalist fascism. Iranian women have been in the forefront of every social movement for equality and justice and their undeniable voice is louder than ever today against a brutal Islamic fundamentalist in Iran. We stand with women opposing US-led military aggression and imposed regime change from Latin America to the Middle East which is bringing us closer to a global conflagration as we say, “Not in our name!”, said Nima Machouf, representative of the Iranian Women’s Association

WDO also stand with women resisters and fighters who have died or languish in prisons, paying a high price for their role in struggles for justice and dignity for their people.

“The women of Chile are calling out perpetrators of systemic violence against women, the military and the government. We are inspired by working women here and elsewhere who hold together families, take on care of children and the elderly, often without status, accomplishing double and triple workdays for wages that are still a fraction of those of men. Many of these women and their families constitute the ‘working’ poor! These women are our inspiration; we stand on their shoulders. In Canada, Quebec and around the world women have served notice. No more,” said Claudia Martinez, from the Chilean community.

Martinez also explain the dance “A rapist on your way”, which will be represent at the demonstration in the streets of Montreal Sunday March 8th.

Women of Diverses Origins (WDO) invited Montrealer to march with them for justice, for equality, for women’s and human solidarity and for open future for everyone!