In the battle to meet the needs in consumables and especially masks and stethoscopes, various scientists around the world are involved. Their weapon is 3D printing which seems to help in many areas, as we saw in a previous article on valves in Italy.

This time, researchers who have gained experience from joining a medical team in the Gaza Strip are printing 3D masks to cover deficiencies in Canada. According to a Canadian CBC report, doctor Tareq Loubani through the team at Glia Project, which provides medical services in high-poverty and war zones using cheap 3D medical tools, has pledged to meet needs across Canada.

Loubani says the situation in Canadian hospitals is similar to that in war zones: “I really feel like being in Al-Shifa, the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip, as if we know they will be bombarded and waiting for it to happen. . That’s how we feel. At the same time everything collapses: hierarchies, supplies … At such times there is nothing better than being able to offer creativity. Right now all of us here in the group are thinking