The evident message of COVID-19 to many who have recognized it before, remains how connected we all are. As the world watches and absorbs mixed messages, reality for society’s fabric – the people – becomes one of questions and a search for answers, leadership. When the only sounds heard are repeated messages that don’t align to on-the-ground reality, many people assume their responsibilities—and contribute with their efforts.

My daughter works for a small couture boutique in Bellmore, Long Island, owned, operated, and managed by women. Although Runway Couture specializes in evening wear, at this dire time of emergency they collect and offer their skillsets, talents, resources – their desire to be part of a solution. Co-owners Kim Towers and Blanca Fuentes call their contacts daily, securing the abilities of their seamstresses and adapt their plans at a moment’s notice to create, and deliver masks to some local hospitals and facilities which still are in dire need of supplies.

After calls to local and NYC suppliers, the manager in protective gloves and mask, drives to Manhattan, picks up the bolts, washes and disinfects them, delivering them to the store. Kits are made for individual seamstresses to work safely from home. Kim and Blanca coordinate the operation, keep their workers contributing and are still today delivering masks. This process for Kim, Blanca and their small staff is ongoing, forging on as long as the supply chain, the need, and the power hold out.

Being in touch with family, friends, neighbors, real-time situations rise in which people accept to be of help, of service, of assistance in ways they can.  In doing so, they uplift themselves as well, finding their strength to devote themselves to one more good deed. In addition to the incredible work of nurses, doctors, medics, emergency personnel, pharmacists, all support staff, cleaning staff, drivers directly in contact with those suffering, there are countless others.

From the seamstresses of Runway Couture whose working hands continue to replicate masks from raw materials, to each responsibility in the operation, each stitch, each connection becomes the fabric of work producing the desired outcome, the needed results.  Just look around as tens of thousands of workers answer today’s appeal of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to “listen to the voices of our better angels.”