For the lion’s share of the last half century, which is as long as I can remember (I am 51 years old), there has been an underlying “line” which, though rarely spoken about directly, was not to be crossed here in the US. This “line” involved a tacit collective understanding that any major changes that were going to ensue had to take place within a narrow spectrum of possibilities laid out be a seemingly all-powerful “system”. This “system”, this seemingly all-pervading list of unspoken limits has encompassed everything from media to politics to the arts and, centrally, to anything linked to the economy … which is pretty much everything. Up until very recently it was thought that we had no other choice but to follow this system’s dictates.

Something has definitely begun shift as of late though. It seems A SPELL HAS BEEN BROKEN. I’ll sidestep (for now) the list of possible reasons that this has happened and cut right to what I perceive to be the chase:

We, the US, are beginning to wake up. You and I don’t need polls or corporately canonized pundits to tell us what we feel, what we should think or what we need anymore. I never thought I’d say this but the US (we) have a chance now to become a beacon which can assist in providing a light to help guide the world ashore. A world lost in the dark waters of non-meaning and “schizophrenic individualism”. Yes, this re-cognition, this waking up seems to be extending beyond the provincial, beyond the man-made borders which have heretofore acted as tools of separation and control.

People are beginning to truly see that our next evolutionary step as a species is to recognize that We are One Global Human Family and that our calling is to treat each other as such. We can continue to learn and create without limits while celebrating our diversity and caring for each other. People are seeing that this is the corner we MUST now begin to turn. It is also beginning to become clear to many that well-meaning politicians like Bernie Sanders cannot do this alone, that we must all do our part in order to really make this happen. *This is MUCH bigger than just politics and who we’re gonna vote for. This is about adopting a whole new value system. If I were to put it in a phrase I would say it comes down to: Nothing above the Human Being and no Human Being below another. This is our shared Destiny, to take care of each other and our environment, to lift each other up. In fact, this “tendency” toward solidarity and compassion is our original Human tendency. This is a subject I intend to delve into in more depth in future articles.

Mark Lesseraux is a singer/songwriter/socio-political columnist from Brooklyn, New York, USA. He is a Humanist, a proponent and practitioner of Active Nonviolence and a student of Nonduality.