The bitter taste of the defeat of possible progress.

The Spanish Socialist Party has won the elections again, but has lost seats, its faithful have not supported it. Podemos, the left-wing alternative to governing with PSOE, still lost more seats.

The dream of favouring budgets that would have been the best in Spanish democracy for the majority of the population, and the triumph of a left that defeated a worn-out Partido Popular was dashed in the April elections, by not reaching a consensus between the winning forces of the left (PSOE and PODEMOS), paralyzing the country for half a year and leading it to new elections, which have worsened the results of the left and favoured the rise of the right represented by the Popular Party, but above all disadvantaged by the rise of the extreme right, represented by VOX.

The so-called (dubious) centre forces, represented by Citizens, have been the biggest losers of this new opportunity.

The fragmentation of the parties has been accentuated and the votes have been redistributed in a more territorial way, with new parties appearing representing geographical areas rather than ideologies.

The possibility of governing is greatly complicated and made more difficult than in previous elections. The weariness of fights between parties and leaderships has produced a rebound effect on citizens. 52 extreme right-wing deputies add up to too many votes to talk about future rights for the population.

Catalan independence has won a good portion of the electoral cake, the historical maximum in a general election, although it will not be represented by the increase in seats, but by votes. Despite the fact that the independentist majority has been won by the left-wing independentism, the pact with PSOE is going to be an impossible or difficult struggle between prisoners and liberties, between independentism and nationalism.

Tomorrow we should begin to talk about pacts, pacts that with the taste of a progressive defeat, return to plunge into misery the citizens’ rights for which many of us fight.

And as Colau says, “We’re all going to hell”.

“Nobody democratic and progressive can be happy today. The right wing is advancing due to the inability of the left. Pedro, your elections have failed. And in general, either the left wing parties for a wide front or we are all going to hell” Ada Colau [Barcelona’s `mayoress]

Translation Pressenza London