This was confirmed by the Attorney General’s Office, since torture and repression has been “a daily thing for the students” according to the leader of ACES, Coordinating Assembly of Secondary Students. In addition to torture, minors have been forced to undress, mistreated and raped. Yesterday, the Carabineros entered the Liceo #7 for girls and shot two students in the schoolyards in their legs. In fact, the Childhood Defender announced that she filed a lawsuit against the director of the Liceo for her responsibility in the events that left two students injured by pellets fired by carabineros yesterday. 557 people arrested so far today, with a series of irregularities. 117 people with eye losses from intentional gunfire since the demonstrations began on October 18, most of which have been irreparable. In addition, by the way, to the 20 dead.

But today [President] Piñera is allowed to visit one of the wounded who has lost an eye and hospitalized at the Mutual de Seguridad, as if he were Queen Elizabeth who is above all contingency. He does not assume that it is his responsibility to lead the country, the repressive policy of the Special Forces and the ungovernability in which Chile finds itself.

That impermeable and arrogant attitude, so characteristic of the rulers in these times, irritates even more and somehow urges to continue protesting.

Today the streets saw the blockade of trucks and cars that were demonstrating with No+TAG (the payment of tolled roads) and produced important road blockades.

While the demonstrators on foot, especially those who are part of the football supporters, were present in Plaza Italia, many other protests moved to the neighborhood of Providencia and went up to shopping malls, looting some of them, to reach Apoquindo 3,000, past Tobalaba, where the private offices of Sebastián Piñera are. To the cry of “thieves” and “Piñera must resign” they faced the massive discharge of tear gas, pepper spay and water-cannons. The whole axis from the Alameda to the El Golf sector was turned into a battlefield. Vandalism, violence and repression in the main axis of the city.

In other cities of the country like Viña del Mar, Concepción and others, the same phenomenon of confrontations between demonstrators and Special Forces has taken place.

As of today, an international observation mission will be deployed in three cities of the country to verify Human Rights violations.


Translation Pressenza London