In the district house of the humanist parliamentary deputy of the Frente Amplio (Broad Front), Tomás Hirsch, a meeting of 120 people took place today, seeking to understand better, exchange with others and finish integrating everything lived during the last week in Chile, marked by the evasions in the Metro, the fires and looting, the curfew and the presence of the military in the streets, the massive pots and pans protests, the demos in every square of the country, the repression with their dead and wounded, the blockade of trucks and finally yesterday, the largest demonstration in our history in so many cities. Not counting everything that has happened simultaneously from the political world, from the social and cultural movements, with a country in national unemployment and without schools or transport functioning, much of the commerce closed, etc… etc…

Just as it was exchanged today in the District house of the deputy Hirsch, it also happened in a number of areas and public places, where people have been gathering and becoming clear that these actions point towards the Constituent Assembly to give us a new Constitution, establishing a new social pact that ends with this excluding and discriminating model.

These are images of Sergio Bastías from the town hall that spontaneously organized itself in a square in Ñuñoa:

Next week’s agenda – starting tomorrow, Sunday – is extremely busy: massive concerts, demonstrations, marches, assemblies in all cities and neighbourhoods, thematic protests (for No+AFP [privatised pensions], for Free and High Quality Education, for Health, No+TAG, etc…) while the government has put an end to the curfew, has asked all ministers to resign and has announced a change of cabinet. However, it does not seem that this Chilean awakening will be satisfied until the transformations become substantial, with a change of the Constitution by means of a Constituent Assembly.