How do you show change is happening, when it occurs gradually and mostly behind closed doors? At ICAN, we try to make sure the world hears about every time a country or leader steps up to support the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), but sometimes it also helps to look at the big picture.

Today, a new report published by our partner organization Norwegian People’s Aid paints that picture :

  • Over two-thirds of the world’s countries (135) support the TPNW, by having signed, ratified or acceded, or voted in its favor at the United Nations.
  • Just nine nuclear-armed states have the power to put the entire world at risk, and their rhetoric and actions show they are headed for a new nuclear arms race:
    • The combined explosive yield of their active nuclear stockpiles is equivalent to almost 1.9 million kilotons of TNT, meaning these nine states have the capacity to unleash firepower equal to around 245 kilograms of TNT per person on Earth;
    • During the time frame of the report, there are a dozen examples of heightened nuclear rhetoric and even outright threats to use nuclear weapons from nuclear-armed states issued by foreign ministries, and heads of state in speeches and on Twitter;
    • From September 2018-August 2019, nuclear-armed states conducted nearly fifty tests of nuclear-capable missiles.
  • In addition to the nine nuclear-armed states, there are also 31 nuclear-weapon-complicit states that endorse or acquire to the use of nuclear weapons on their behalf.
  • Yet the world’s majority is taking action to end nuclear weapons. The TPNW is moving steadily towards early entry into force, which requires 50 states parties. At the time of writing, the TPNW had, by a close margin, the second-fastest speed of adherence of the treaties on weapons of mass destruction.

These facts come from the 2019 edition of the Norwegian People’s Aid’s report, the Nuclear Weapons Ban Monitor, launched at United Nations Headquarters in New York today.

Learn more in the Nuclear Weapons Ban Monitor 2019

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We hope we can count on you to help spread the Norwegian People’s Aid’s report far and wide. The world’s majority of countries are ready to end nuclear weapons and change is already on its way.