In 2022, according to forecasts, the Japanese company Tepco, owner of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, will no longer have a place to store contaminated [radioactive] water after the 2011 accident. Faced with this situation, Japan’s own Minister of the Environment has said that there will be no other option for the state than to accept that the contaminated water goes to the sea. In fact, the Japanese agency that regulates nuclear energy has given the go-ahead to this possibility.

Fishermen and neighbouring countries have been quick to express their concerns. In particular, organized fishermen have denounced that since 2011 high levels of radiation have been found in the fish in the area and, in fact, only since 2017, fishermen have been able to sell again without even being able to match the sales they had before 2011.

According to the known data, the company has already stored more than one million tons of contaminated water in a tank that has been built as needed and the company itself warns that in three more years it will not have space to continue building storage tanks.


Translation Pressenza London