Great demonstration this September 21, many people, but the police appeared ferociously to tear-gas all the procession, mostly peaceful, so much so that this one, which almost got to the Port-Royal station, had to return to the starting point!

They gassed absolutely and indiscriminately more than a hundred meters in the middle of the procession, constantly, while there were also people with babies in strollers, because don’t forget, it was also the “Heritage Day” with many people in the streets…

So, one wonders what is the strategy of this power… of Castaner and Lallement, who were supposed to be in Matignon’s basement, in front of their giant screens, to see what was happening and give orders…

Why a permanent and continuous gassing of the demonstrators? Why?

The right to demonstrate in France becomes, like many other rights, moreover, totally theoretical!

Text: Michel Deslandes / Photo report by Pressenza:

Translation Pressenza London