On August 2, 2019 officially ended the treaty limiting nuclear medium-range ( Intermediate -Range Nuclear Forces ) after the withdrawal of US and Russia. At the height of the Cold War (1987), this important bilateral treaty, which resulted in many mass social mobilizations, managed to withdraw and destroy, by 1 June 1991, 2,692 of the most dangerous (especially for Europe) ballistic missiles and to begin reducing the nuclear arsenal of the two superpowers.

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) condemns the leaders’irresponsible attitude to withdraw from this important agreement. By doing so, PresidentsDonald Trump and Vladimir Putin undermine the Non – Proliferation Treaty ( NPT ) and increase the risk of nuclear destruction for all of humanity.

The 74 years are marked by the use of nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which have killed hundreds of thousands of people and had long-term consequences that will continue to affect future generations in health and the environment. Today, with over 13,000 nuclear warheads in 9 state arsenals, constant threats of use and increased risk of tension between nuclear-armed countries, the horrifying anniversary should remind us that these weapons should never be reused.

The ICAN , received Nobel peace 2017 for her contribution to information on the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons calls on the US and Russian governments:

  • Support international humanitarian law
  • Restart dialogue to regain proper implementation of the INF
  • Continue and expand cuts in their nuclear arsenal
  • K c to take the road of complete nuclear disarmament by signing the Treaty at the UN Treaty onthe Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons ( TPNW ), which was adopted by two thirds of the Member States at the General Meeting of 07.07.2017.
  • Global security cannot be left to the few leaders who are willing to sacrifice humanity’s needs for political interests. Their actions not only degrade the Treaties that have been consistently applied for the last 50 years, but they risk the future of every life on our planet.

The ICAN and the majority of the UN Member States are working to bring into force the TPNWin 2020, because that will be essential steps for nuclear disarmament. The terms of the TPNWmust soon be accepted, as this will only strengthen the existing nuclear agreements with the authority and supervision of all UN Member States. To do this requires ratification of the Treaty by 50 Member States (so far 70 have signed and 23 have ratified it). Once ratified, it will enter into force for all Member States.

Because all Greek parties are against nuclear weapons, we call on the new Greek government to appear consistent and sign the TPNW with the UN .

This will be the essential act of remembrance for all the victims of any nuclear disaster.

The Greek people cannot rest. The superpowers promise brazenly “small” nuclear wars with incalculable consequences.

The abolition of the INF increases Hiroshima’s likelihood of recurrence in the heart of Europe, and only citizens’ struggles stop irresponsible governments .