Concern for children and medicalization of ADHD lead a group of volunteers to produce documentary in Spain

28.07.2019 - Sao Paulo, Brasil - REHUNO - Red Humanista de Noticias en Salud

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Concern for children and medicalization of ADHD lead a group of volunteers to produce documentary in Spain
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In 2016 a team of the Humanist Party in Madrid decided to transform their proposals into audiovisual productions. Then, together with a team of volunteers including a documentary director, a film student, a psychologist and some neighborhood supporters, they decided to take on the issue of parents who were being pressured to medicate their children in schools based on the diagnosis of ADHD.

Years earlier, the European Humanist Regional had developed a complaint about what was happening with the abuse of psychopharmaceuticals for children and adolescents.  “We found that since that first campaign the diagnoses of ADHD had multiplied and that those affected were many more than we thought. We wanted to understand the roots of this situation, and present some questioning of the way in which so many millions of children and adolescents in the world are being diagnosed and medicated.  The issue was effectively presented in several schools of our neighborhood, in neighborhood associations, women’s groups, cultural centers, universities, etc. After each screening we established some dialogue, and there were many people affected by the issue who, upon seeing it, understood their situation a little better. Approximately 50 thousand people have seen the video on youtube and have shared it, going much further than our physical possibilities could do,” says Arthuro Villoria, one of the co-directors.

To see the documentary: Are you attentive? The other side of ADHD

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