Ominous presence of the Brazilian President in Chile raises prospect of Laitn American falling into the hand of far right, homophobic, misogynistic, pro guns and violent populist governments.

According to The Guardian  Brazilian President Bolsonaro’s visit to Chile has been strongly denounced by left wing politicians, human rights and Nonviolence activists. 

“Tomas Hirsch, a federal deputy [Humanist Party/Frente Amplio], tweeted: “OBVIOUSLY I will not participate in a lunch with a fascist, violent, dangerous populist like Bolsonaro.”

“I deeply regret that the Piñera government is getting closer and closer to the most extreme governments on the planet,” Hirsch said in an interview, calling Bolsonaro’s visit “absolutely inappropriate”.

“He added that Bolsonaro’s visit “validates those who do not accept the basic principles of respecting human rights, diversity and nonviolence”.

“The feminist deputy Miate Orsini tweeted: “Not only does the Chilean government decide to receive with honors a president who is xenophobic and misogynistic, but they also asked the female federal deputies who were invited to wear ‘short dresses’.”

The report stresses the importance of this visit in the search from right wing politicians in the region to roll back the improvements carried out for years by progressive governments as Bolsonaro and Chilean President Piñera will also meet Colombian president Iván Duque seeking to form a “Prosur” agreement, which they say promotes economic and political integration in the region “without ideological connections” in order to replace the Mercosur trade block, which they consider to be associated with the leftist governments.

The closeness between Bolosnaro and Donald Trump also strengthens the extremely deleterious influence from the US President in Latin America, not least the determined campaign for regime change (and Oil grabbing exercise) in Venezuela.