The background to United States policy of intervention can be found in the Monroe Doctrine, which served to eradicate the commercial and military influence of Europeans in the southern colonies.  Since the beginning, US governments have been aware of the importance of Latin America and the Caribbean for their imperialist aspirations.

On December 2, 1823, the fifth president of the United States, James Monroe, in his speech to his nation’s Congress, defined a foreign policy based on military actions that would guarantee them hegemonic economic and political power on a global scale.

“America for Americans” or rather “America for North Americans”. A slogan that summarizes the speech written by John Quincy Adams, known since then as the Monroe Doctrine, a milestone that has marked the policy of the White House, is saturated with political, economic and military interventions around the world.

Venezuela has been an example of these interventions.  Since 1999 with the rise to power of Hugo Chávez, Washington’s hand has been present in all attempts to overthrow a government democratically elected by Venezuelans; always protected by the international media industry, which disseminates stories at its convenience, with strategies such as “fake news” or “post truth”, a propaganda tactic that it uses as a spearhead for “soft” – indirect – blows through false and manipulated news, in order to create an environment of ungovernability that paves the way for direct military intervention with the complicity of neighbouring governments.

In such a scenario, Venezuela is today at the epicentre of world geopolitics, with US intervention in full swing.  In Honduras, how the crisis that led to the coup d’état against Manuel Zelaya was created is still fresh in the memory.

World without Wars and Violence, respectful of the self-determination of peoples, defends peace and rejects violence in all its manifestations.

We call upon the international community to promote dialogue in Venezuela, which, although it has failed before, we insist, is the only civilized way to resolve conflicts among individuals, peoples and among nations.

Peace, strength and joy.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras, February 25, 2019.