The greek office of Pressenza International Press Agency and the internet grassroots news platform Omniatv announce with pleasure the opening of a new era of networking and cooperation. We will work together on specific projects based on mutual audiovisual productions and broadcasting news and reports to audiences outside of Greece.

We see there is a convergence in our perception of news in terms of people, communities and societies.

Today, in the world in general and in Europe in particular, societies face the violent effects of phenomena such as economic injustice, social exclusion and discrimination, fascist public speech and the return of extreme right to government. At the same time there are people resisting in various ways, undertaking and supporting initiatives, aiming at different societies, more tolerant, inclusive, alternative, open and participative.

Maintaining our distinct visions and targets, Pressenza and Omniatv will be connected likes nodes in a network, believing that together we can achieve more.

Athens, 21/01/2019