03.10.2018 – Cloty Rubio

The Art of Accompanying is presented in Paris

Last Saturday 29th we had the immense pleasure of attending the presentation of the book The Art of Accompanying in the Park of Study and Reflection La Belle Idée, near Paris.

Víctor Piccininni transmitted us his experience and motivations regarding this book and the project related to it. The art of accompanying arises driven by the deep motivation to help other human beings in a very particular moment of their lives: In the process of dying.

But dying is seen as a new birth and the body as the placenta of the spirit. From that vision, open to the future and the continuity of life, death is a transit that must be made to continue growing as a spiritual being in a new state of existence.

And the companion is that human being, moved by compassion and love, deeply connected with the being who is about to leave. Helping in this attentive and dedicated task so that this being, who is about to be born to another form of life, gathers in themselves the best of their experience. Facilitating that closing the wounds of their psychism and heart in order to transform their life into a luminous adventure of learning and essential growth.

The companion in their affective and attentive attitude also receives the gift of the essential experience by approaching the profound spaces of life and death, far from fears and dark superstitions, the companion captures in this thread of luminous affection the sacred meaning of existence. In this way, both help each other, since the companion must necessarily grasp and feel the essential presence of the accompaneed in order to be able to guide them towards reconciliation and liberation.

Our friend Victor knew how to transmit to us very well that soft and warm sensibility shared by those who base their actions on the most authentic goodness. We were all dedicated to attentive listening and the atmosphere was one of great affection and gratitude.

Víctor also explained that there is a first workshop aimed at training the companions and that it is planned to develop others. Many of those present were interested in taking this work forward and we all agree that this Guide is a gift that will also accompany those who accompany

Translated from Spanish by Pressenza London