The call of #unteilbar (indivisible) is that: “We will not allow the welfare state to be played off against asylum and migration. We will stand in resistance when fundamental rights and freedoms are in danger of being further restricted. They expect us to accept the deaths of those seeking refuge in Europe as ‘normal’. There are already many of us who are committed to this.”

The fact that there were over 240,000 people at the demonstration probably exceeded even the most optimistic forecasts. A diverse, colourful and above all hopeful signal at a time when there is a dramatic political shift, when racism and discrimination are becoming socially acceptable.

The autumn of protest in Germany began with optimal weather conditions. The organisations and messages at the demonstration were manifold. In addition to calls for solidarity, against hatred and xenophobia, protesters against poor working conditions, social cuts, high rents and even climate protection were present.

And this is precisely the most important message of #Indivisible, namely that the different sections of the population cannot be played off against one another and that all these indivisible problems and conflicts have the same roots.