It’s a Good Day

12.06.2018 - US, United States - Pressenza New York

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It’s a Good Day

Letter by Anthony Donovanto to NYTimes early this morning, published online for their frontpage article.

The real challenge ahead will be for us to begin verification of our own highly secret nuclear weapon industry. To bring back any slight bit of a democratic process that might address our responsibilities and do something about our own vast proliferation of this deeply polluting and highly dangerous, threatening of all life industry, that is ours.

It’s the 50th anniversary of the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), a treaty that we helped create and push through, which declares our “intention to achieve at the EARLIEST POSSIBLE DATE the cessation of the nuclear arms race…” We above all violate this daily. Last month Congress passed yet another vast military increase adding yet another $ 22 billion toward new nuclear weapon facilities and new nuclear weapons.

If this summit will be called a long term success someday, it would be that we become aware of the basic facts of our own nuclear weapons, the unfathomable cost to the tax payer, the terrible environmental degradation the industry has already done to this planet, to stop this constant threat of extinction.

We need all our technology and resources to be focusing on positive solutions for today’s desperate challenges, not destruction of civilization, several times over.

Anthony Donovan, director of the documentary Good Thinking (Those Who’ve Tried to Halt Nuclear Weapons)

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