The world premiere of the documentary on Universal and Unconditional Basic Income “UBI, our right to live” will be on 12 May, at 12 noon.

Director Álvaro Orús and some of the Spanish “protagonists”, such as Julen Bollain and Mayte Quintanilla, will be present.

The event will be part of the European Humanist Forum 2018, which will take place in Madrid from the 11th to the 13th of May.

While more and more people are talking about Basic Income, UBI, Our Right to Live is one of the few documentaries on this subject.

Philosophers, economists, politicians and social activists such as like Daniel Raventós, Philippe Van Parijs, Guy Standing, Louise Haag, Lluis Torrens, Cosima Kern, Julen Bollain, Sara Bizarro, Scott Santens, Ping Xu, Mayte Quintanilla, Elizabeth Rhodes, Rena Masuyama and Sonja Scherndl answer a lot of the doubts and fundamental questions in this film regarding the ideas behind and the implementation of a basic income. Coming from different continents, they are at the same time Universal Basic Income advocates and activists, something new that characterizes the documentary.

This new production by director Álvaro Orús is a descriptive work about what a Basic Income is, what it is not, what arguments are put forward for and against this measure, possibilities for implementation, and the consideration that it should become a Universal Right since it would ensure the survival of every human being, “something that corresponds to each and every person by the simple fact of having been born,” according to Orús.

For many, the UBI is the only possible solution to growing poverty, at a time in history when we have more than enough wealth for all of humanity to live with dignity, yet it is being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.  This measure would help in redistributing wealth and free up vast sectors of the population from the miserable situation in which they live. In short, this is a measure of social justice.

But some of the interviewees also refer to the revolutionary implications that this measure would have, since it affects the most basic structure of beliefs on which the current system is supported and in which a few have appropriated what belongs to everyone.

The documentary premieres in Madrid and has been produced in Spanish and English, with the French version on its way.

This is a work promoted by Pressenza News Agency and the collective Humanists for the Universal Basic Income; the music has been composed by the versatile David Bazo. The whole project has been carried out in a voluntary way and on the principle of solidarity from start to finish.

Information about the documentary and the calendar of premieres in different countries and events can be found in the following link: