During the days 5, 6 and 7 of January the Annual Meeting of Messengers was held in the historic park of Punta de Vacas [1], where Silo gave his first public speech: “The Healing of Suffering”, today recorded in metal and in several languages at the entrance to the Meditation Hall. The one that most draws my attention is the one in Hindi …-will the Hindu people come and after reading it, think that it is part of their updated millennial wisdom? – I wonder.

Many friends and pilgrims are here, some staying in the cabins of the Park and others in nearby places, to participate in these days full of experiences, ceremonies, dialogues and fluid exchange. A friend tells me that on the 5th they have done a Ceremony of Laying on of Hands and it has been very intense; on the 6th at 12 o’clock they gathered, in the crowded Hall, to do an Service, where the energy that flowed, was tangible. As part of her testimony, she said that moment was also very intense and that “the sacred” has given her two good gifts this time. She, like many others, comes from afar and goes back grateful… Without doubt, one of the hundreds of testimonies of this profound human experience, as it was the moving testimony given by the Brazilian visitor from the Sala de Sul de Minas.

In the Center of Work, where the Library is, the most diverse books by Silo and other authors, such as T. Richards or A. Koryzma, were presented, with the successful series of Silo’s Talks Collections on specific topics (about 20 titles in the web of the park, of which several have been published by León Alado Ediciones [2]). Friends also arrived with boxes filled with one last edition of the book The Message.
In these days there were many meetings as announced in a schedule of activities published in the main room of the  Center of Work indicating the time and place of the diverse exchanges. I would like to highlight two occasions:

The meeting to discuss the project of a mega-meeting proposed to celebrate in 2019 the fiftieth anniversary of the public address of Silo mentioned above, The Healing of suffering, occasion in which I was present with other friends that today remember that occasion vividly. We were younger… Silo, who was 31 years old, began to publicize his point of view on life and the human being, among other transcendental topics. As stated in a short news video from 1969, Silo responds to the question of a well-known journalist at the time, about what was he proposal: “… peace, and explain the possibilities of awakening.” Expression used then, which encompasses all his message of contact with the depths of the human mind so that the best emerges;  humanity, solidarity, reciprocity, non-violence and the experience of the sacred. “Learn to recognize the signs of the sacred within you and outside of you “, he explains in a reflection of The Path, third part of the book “Silo’s Message”.

Thus, next year a celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of that public speech is expected to bring us together on May 4 – Day of Testimony – in the different Parks of Study and Reflection of the world. A broad invitation is extended for both January 6 and May 4, 2019. … We will meet to “renew the experience of that May 4, 1969 in the same place where Silo spoke to us”, and will be listening to the words of Silo

The toast that took place at 6 o’clock in the afternoon, in the Room of the Center of Study to celebrate the birthday of Silo, January 6; was, a simple but deeply felt way of manifesting a deep gratitude to this exceptional man, who did nothing else in his life other than give, give and give to others…

On the other hand, it is worth noting that an important milestone was completed: the placement of Signs on the Road, which started in May 2015 on National Route 7, from urban Buenos Aires (next to the La Reja Park of Study and Reflection), to Punta de Vacas, Mendoza. Some 12 “signs” (small blue monoliths) have been placed every 100 km. The last one at Km 1087 … Fulfilling the objective of its promoters: “This project was developed in 3 years, and represents another attempt to transmit and irradiate a new spirituality, a new sensibility based on non-violence and in contact with the depths of human interiority. Inspired by the teachings of Silo, his work and his message.”[3]

At dusk, informal meetings multiplied in the vicinity of the main facilities, along the roads, in the Mirador, where the hillside gives us the echo of “Gracias Silo” in huge letters…

In addition, the activities and events continue, such as the scheduled 6th International Meeting for Humanizing Education, COPEHU [4], scheduled for the following weekend, where numerous educators meet annually.

This is what I can comment. It is difficult to describe so many pleasant emotions and the many enriching exchanges with those present from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Italy, among others. When I left, I saw several transport buses and numerous vehicles that were leaving the place at dusk. The wind and the cold have not prevented the great exchange and the warm encounter. As some tell me, according to that of Sursun Corda: The hearts have risen!

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