The former presidential candidate for Frente Amplio (Broad Front) has said that Sebastian Piñera, former president and candidate for Chile Vamos, has crossed a line and is a “risk” for the country.

The fight for votes opened a new chapter.  This time it was Beatriz Sanchez who condemned the Chile Vamos candidate and then gave her support to Alejandro Guillier in the presidential run-off.

“I want to clearly say who I’m going to vote for, today my vote is against Sebastian Piñera,” said the former presidential candidate on giving her support to Alejandro Guillier.

Regarding Guillier, the candidate from Fuerza de Mayoria (Strength of Majority), Sanchez said, “He has to do more to win the votes of the Broad Front.”

“I want to make it clear that Piñera has crossed a line and is a risk for Chile; it’s a personal decision.  It’s I who is saying today that a line has to be drawn on Sebastian Piñera’s discourse,” she pointed out and added, “it’s not a negotiation, I’m not looking for a position, but today Chile and Democracy are at stake.”

The journalist said that in her view the electoral process was impeccable.  “This is not a call to vote for anyone, and as we said in the statement, I’m not the owner of anyone’s vote, the people own their votes and everyone will have to take a decision one way or another,” she argued.

The candidate for Strength of Majority, Alejandro Guillier thanked the support from the Broad Front figurehead in social networks.  “I appreciate your support and the unity to build a fairer Chile enormously,” said the Senator.