Pressenza is delighted to announce the launch of its eighth language to its website platform.  The contribution both intellectually, academically and culturally from famous Catalans to the world is reflected in the works of people such as Ramon Llull in the 13th century through to Antoni Gaudi and Salvador Dali in more recent times, and figures such as Cassià Maria Just who have fought for human rights and opposed dictatorships.

New political forces have been emerging in recent times and the progressive mayor, Ada Colau, is showing how policies that value human life above all else can be made to work in practice; policies where human wellbeing isn’t calculated in terms of financial profit.

Catalonia today finds itself at a crossroads between the forces of independence and those who wish to remain within the Spanish kingdom.  With the announcement of the independence referendum for the 1st of October 2017, the launching of Pressenza in the language of the land enables our readers to gain real insights into the hopes and desires of a people who have fought against so much violence and discrimination in the past.

Does this desire for independence come with an intention to converge towards the ideal of a universal human nation, without wars, without hunger, without violence, with solidarity and with an open future?  Or does it come from intolerance, conservatism, the desire to isolate oneself from an increasingly complex and violent world?  How will the people see their best interests served?

The next months will be interesting and we will cover it all here in Pressenza.