Signs of the Future

With the tagline “Signs of the Future”, on the 22nd of June 2017 the 2nd conference on independent media and social movements will take place in Calabria66, organised by Pressenza together with other organisations and collectives.

The aim of the conference is to give visibility to initiatives and projects that are beginning to form a new social model, as well as to encourage links between the people and groups that promote them.

The conference will develop around working groups that will count on the participation of a diverse collection of movements and organisations which will briefly present the projects they’re working on.  Participants will interchange on the difficulties of the present moment and the aspirations of the future that we want to reach.

The different working groups are: the Media – Nonviolence and disarmament – Healthcare – Education – Governance – Economics – Housing and public services – Sustainability and the environment – Migration.

At 8 pm in the auditorium a summary will be heard of the discussions from the different groups and their common proposals.

In the framework of the conference, different communication projects will be presented along with the audiovisual report #DDHHFronteraSur (Southern border human rights) made by Iridia, Novact and Fotomovimiento.