In today’s world, with so much need for concrete action against violence and wars, it is disappointing that no one from the mainstream media is covering the first day of the Nobel Peace Prize Summit in Bogota, Colombia.

Here are a few quotes from some of the Peace Laureates and guest speakers who are attending the summit:
“You can’t have democracy while the rights of women are not recognized.” – Enrique Penalosa, Mayor of Bogota:
“The victims teach all of us Colombians that it is possible to forgive.” – Colombian President Juan Manuel:
“Do not let politicians tear us apart!” – Shirin Ebadi (Iran) and Tawakkul Karman (Yemen).
“Let us create a common agenda so that peace is public policy, not a dead agreement in Colombia but all countries.” – Rigoberta Menchu
“People from Colombia, if you really want a long-term and estable PEACE in your country… Get Involved!” – Jody Williams.

The summit provides a space where discrimination, bigotry, armed conflicts, and violence in all its forms are questioned, rejected and overcome. This event should be covered and broadcast all over the world. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.