For almost six years Julian Assange has been a political prisoner of three countries (Sweden, UK and USA) whose laws prohibit political imprisonment and whose mainstream media pretend to be heralds of freedom.

Julian Assange, an Australian citizen, is the founder of Wikileaks which has published millions of secret documents revealing to a worldwide public the misdeeds of their governments. The US government is much more involved than any other for the simple reason that the USA dominates the world.

The US government considers Assange to be their enemy number one. If caught by the USA, he faces the death penalty for disclosure of state secrets. But the real risk is that he – in order to avoid turning him into more of a martyr than he already is – could be eliminated by simulating some accident or by arming an “isolated madman” like Lee Oswald, Jack Ruby and other killers so regularly present in US history from Abraham Lincoln onwards.

In order to get Assange, the USA staged a case of sexual assault against him in Sweden.  The woman implicated in the indictment has said that the affair was a police frame up.  He has never been formally charged, and finally the public prosecutor recognized that he should not be prosecuted.   The governments of Sweden and the United Kingdom, remote-controlled by the USA, continue to pursue him illegally.

Ecuador, after examining the case against him and recognizing that he is a victim of political persecution, granted him asylum in its embassy in London where he has been confined for nearly six years.

The Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions of the United Nations (UN-WGAD) resolved that the persecution of Assange is illegal not only according to international treaties but also according to the laws of Sweden, UK and USA.  The three governments are obliged to implement the UN-WGAD order and desist from all hostile acts against him, but they do not.

The British government maintains its order to the police to guard the Ecuadorian embassy and refuses to guarantee that Assange would not be extradited to the USA or to Sweden if he were to leave the embassy.

The Swedish government refuses to ensure that they would not extradite him to the USA.

So he is a political prisoner of the three countries whose legal systems prohibit political imprisonment and whose mainstream media pretend to be heralds of freedom.

WikiLeaks recently published over 30,000 emails that reveal the warmongering nature of Hillary Clinton, causing her to lose many points in the opinion polls.

The Ecuadorian embassy has limited Assange’s Internet connection, to avoid being accused of encouraging any interference in the US election campaign, but WikiLeaks continues to publish independently from many European countries.

The entourage of Hillary Clinton accuses Russia of passing compromising documents to WikiLeaks, which WikiLeaks has, in turn, officially denied.