Letter from Be’tselem

Tomorrow, Friday, 10.14, I will present in the name of Be’tselem to the special session of the UN Security Council in New York about the settlements. This is the most important international forum that deals with the occupation, and perhaps the only one currently capable of promoting meaningful action on the issue. This will be one of the most important diplomatic opportunities in the history of B’Tselem – and is all the result of 27 years of hard work, professional and accurate image of a team of past and present, companies and board members, and volunteers in the organization.

The Prime Minister and his colleagues reveal some recent signs of anxiety when it comes to the international arena and its position in relation to the occupation. Hence the attempts to deny the legitimacy of international action against the continued Israeli control over the Palestinians. But as we say and repeat, and we will repeat it tomorrow and in the future: the occupation is not an internal Israeli matter and the Israeli public is not entitled to decide that he wants to keep it. This is clearly an international issue. Thus any matter relating to human rights, and more so if the violation is widespread, ongoing, carried out by Israel and abroad.

In the name of Be’Tselem, I will describe to the Security Council the occupation as-is, just as we showed it to the public in Israel and throughout the world since 1989. Even after 49 years of occupation, we do not stop this continuous action: we are committed to continue it until the end. At the same time, when the shadow fifty years of occupation is approaching, we will also accompanies our struggle is also a determined international action demanding in order to change reality and to end the occupation. The Security Council has the authority and responsibility to act – and the time to do it is now, before June 2017.

Thank you for your interest and support of B’Tselem. The current year just begun: a new year – a great opportunity to contribute to B’Tselemi. Thank you.

Best regards,

Hagai Elad
B’Tselem CEO

PS – if the Security Council meeting will be broadcast live by the UN send you another email with the correct link for viewing on Friday, starting at 5:00 pm Israel time.