By Mariana Garcia
Video: Gerardo Fermina

“Beyond revenge” is a non-commercial project carried out thanks to the voluntary contribution of more than forty people from different countries. The documentary will be distributed free and freely. Its novel approach to vengeance, seen from personal, social and historical perspectives, seeks to become a tool for reflection to encourage or strengthen a direction opposed to violence.


“Beyond revenge” it is a novel treatment of the both archaic and at the same time hot topic of revenge, that links the personal with the social and historical points of view.
It delves into the history of the West to find how institutionalized revenge is and how it became a constituent part of our culture, including art and religion.
But the greatest strength of the documentary is on the testimonies of people who have become aware of how revenge has affected them deeply in their lives and who boldly share with us their stories and insights. Identification with the interviewees gives us the opportunity to understand vengeance in our own lives from major trauma to daily living.
We dive with the protagonists into the darkness of our feelings to emerge with the possibility of reconciliation. “Beyond revenge” is essentially a positive and hopeful documentary and a call to consciously take a step forward in overcoming violence.