I’m a teacher and I volunteer at the Kids Cafe, a safe welcoming space for unaccompanied minors in the Calais Jungle. The cafe provides 200 meals a day, English and French classes, and asylum advice for the children here. But our centre is at risk, on Friday the 12th August a judge will decide on whether or not to demolish the Kids Cafe.

We only have days to stop the demolition.

According to the association Help Refugees, 608 unaccompanied minors currently live in ‘the jungle’, the youngest just 7 years old. Our cafe is a vital way to register and keep track of minors. More importantly it is one of the few spaces left the kids can call their own.

The French authorities are deciding whether to close all ‘businesses’ on this date. The Kids Cafe is NOT a business. It is part of Jungle Books’ not-for-profit organisation, run completely on donations, and all food distributed to the kids is free. The food is of good quality and preparation and distribution is clean and safe. With the Kids Cafe gone, the jungle will simply become an even more dangerous place for unaccompanied minors.

We only have until Friday We urgently need your support.

Please sign this petition and help us persuade the French authorities to keep the Kids Cafe open.

Thank you for your help and support.

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  • Préfecture du Pas de Calais

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Save the Kids Cafe – Sauvons le Café des Enfants

Later note: good news August 12: the Kids café won’t be closed, at least not for the moment…