Approaching new mental horizons by studying dreams

28.07.2016 - London / Berlin / Prague - Pressenza Berlin

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Approaching new mental horizons by studying dreams

This september a dreams workshop will be held in different parts of Europe. The aim of which is to approach an inner reality which, although always present in everyday life, mostly escapes us.

In our civilisation and in this moment of history, anything that doesn’t have a scientific or a rational basis is generally rejected and degraded. The same thing happens with dreams which are considered to have no importance and somewhat irrelevant, almost as if they had nothing to do with us.

Ancient peoples on the other hand said that in your dreams you can see things that you can’t see when awake. They knew that premonitions, interesting comprehensions and sometimes very profound truths appear that don’t come from rational control, but on the contrary they need precisely that there is no kind of self-censorship in order to manifest and that’s why they break through when we are asleep and find ourselves unhindered by the mechanisms of reversibility.

The fortune tellers, the oracles, the Pythia had inspired dreams many times artificially-induced through the use of inhaled gases or intoxicating drinks. The interpretation of dreams has been an important matter in history as they “reveal” profound meanings that contribute knowledge of the human soul. Dreams have been studied and used because they have something to say about what makes us human.
The practice that consists of withdrawing to a sacred place, first a grotto, a mountain, a desert or a forest, later a temple, so that there may be produced inspired dreams or a vision, seems to have a been a universal practice in ancient times.

We will develop a workshop on the world of dreams, taking some of the time to review the historical background in which information is available, but we will not only approach dreams this way, moreover we will also try to incorporate into our own lives the practice of taking note of our dreams, classifying them, interpreting them and trying to understand them in an interchange of experience with others and allowing their truths to surprise us and their plasticity to inspire us.

We will look to advance in this mental space that isn’t rational, but that nevertheless draws us near to profound truths, to extraordinary beings and to formidable realities to which we all have access on a daily basis.

We will complete the work having ventured into marvellous worlds that are within us and that present themselves night after night, contributing to the ordering of memory, integration of events that we experience during the day, the expression of very profound emotions and very real affections, as well as new ways of understanding the reality in which we usually find ourselves.

The workshop will be coordinated by Pía Figueroa (Chilean and the author of the books, “Silo, the Master of our Times” and “The Inner Guide (testimonies)” published in several languages. She is also the author of monographs such as “Research on Dreams”, “References to inspired states of consciousness in Plato” and “A Study on Phidias”). Any one interested can take part.

The workshop will take place:

  • London, September 10
  • Park Schlamau near Berlin (Germany), September 16 – 18
  • Park Pravikov near Prague (Czech Republic), September 24 – 25

For information:

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