Silo’s Space of Representation

06.06.2016 - Tony Henderson

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Silo’s Space of Representation
Silo gives a discourse among friends at Park Manantiales,2010. (Image by Park Manantiales)

It is not so easy to write in a clarifying way about Silo’s Space of Representation, the way it is written is already precise#, but as a new concept possibly difficult to first grasp, especially extending the thought to its further ramifications.

If a fellow wants to have a drink of water what takes place? He goes to the water, say a jug of it. We know he is propelled by thirst and can walk but there is a lot happening even in this simple act.

It could be said that there is a constant monitoring by the entire psycho-physical entity going on where a water deficit is noted by some internal probe made for the purpose by the body. A signal is sent to the control area, recognised as different from a heat signal, or fear signal. A hopefully adequate response signal is sent to the motor action initiation area and the legs are activated. One walks over to the water source.

However, there has to be a direction given and before that there has to be an understanding of water, its import and of the likelihood of the whereabouts of that water jug; this implies history, time and experience.

This means what went before has been recorded and the information is available at the control centre and of course it means that this very operation is being recorded for future reference in case corrections are needed to the held data.

Now these activities are taking place dynamically among other related or even unrelated activities that subsume the whole; after all the entire physical unity has to be functioning, plus awareness maintained over the environment to receive new data about what is taking place around one; also, those plans for today’s schedule…etc.

This is highly complex

It so happens that today we have a pertinent visual reference to use that can combine all these elements, the 3D imaging mechanism of the hologram. Is the Space of Representation (S of R) similarly configured?

The hologram is pretty much ideal as an image of what is taking place in the real world of our personal daily life with all – or a lot of – the data brought together and related spatially, inferring its space dimension but also in its time dimension and referring centrally to an organising core being-moment which is the I or me.

The question might arise is this me inside or outside the S of R? Essentially I would say it is inside, included. Subjectively, there is no-thing outside the mind. Is this a limit? For me personally there can be nothing outside my S of R – though this does not mean that objectively nothing exists outside of my mind. It’s the ‘for me’ that I am speaking about.

As a theory of a means of seeing what is going in and around us this seems to be satisfactory but what if it goes beyond that? What if the same hologram idea is actually the way it is done for us all. Thus, it is a way if displacing our body in real space-time according to the placement of a task – i.e. image – in its confines.

Silo says the higher reaches can correspond to the Heavens, the lower, the Hells.

Not getting ahead of ourselves, to move to the water jug, with all of its implications, the specific thought (which is in the form of an image – that water jug) will have to be placed spatially in a location within the S of R that achieves the desired end, and gives momentum in the correct direction. This is a condition of that space, an item placed higher or lower, to the left or right, mobilises the whole body (in this case) either towards or away from the jug.

That is simple enough.

What if we decide not to get the jug but want someone else to bring it, well we need to bring that image or thought of that person into view and a means of communication, a shout or phone, while the jug is there but placed in a non body-activating position in the S of R.

However, to advance to a situation in this writing that is more in line with our meta-interests, by first looking at someone who is rather dis-functional and living pretty much just mechanically plodding along, what’s going on in relation to this scheme? His or her images are heavy, either being placed and operated from a lower area thus they don’t have the activating power or the image is weak, so it does not mobilise.

That’s why we try to strengthen the images in our work on Humanising the Earth, or in daily affairs, escaping the grey clouds, effectively brightening them, colouring them. Recall our work with guided experiences, allowing us to escape from internal tunnels, or come down gradually from frightening heights…etc. That’s the repositioning of the images.

All that of course so we can progress on our efforts at climbing higher mentally-emotionally-spiritually. We don’t have to throw thougts up into that space by any other means than clarifying the particular image, maybe applying colourful or fun details to get it mobile and alive. Those Buddhists chanting – when it is not just mass mechanics – wow, powerful; I am already in the Western Paradise!

If something works as a theory surely also in practice, Silo’s S of R hits the spot and has multifold applications to understand everything from hypnosis to magical healings. It helps us grasp the way to the profound despite its mysterious implications and let’s see if it’s grasp can aid in our efforts of experiencing that ultimate or final release from the common conditioning that imprisons us in violent responses.

The psychiatrists and their ilk may find its value also, up to them. It might take time for acceptance, like Bruno’s universe. Not our problem. If we can understand what we are doing so much the better. Proceedures can work without such intimate knowledge but… anyway we have the Four Disciplines.

The concept of the unconscious is too amorphus, too general, also that of the sub-conscious. Yes, the key words of auto-suggestion penetrate and have their effect but to understand that it is the placement of those images in a particular position of elevation or depth in the S of R or whatever simply gets rid of the unnecessary mystery. Hypnosis still works.

Even with the brilliance of Mr Jung, we have to advance beyond that, continuing to use what he offers.

So, where is the ‘me’ in all this? What is all this of the displacement of the I and for what end. Well usually no point as the I as fulcrum and pivot of our life is just there, with either less or more permanence. However in our ‘special’ case and interests the I gets attention, on one side to make it a solid, centre of gravity, then, to in-a-sense negate it as the final impediment getting in the way of allowing that mysterious Void, which is to be filled.

Without a real I we cannot work in the Disciplines.

What we are born with is commonly ephemeral and depending on circumstances may or may not strengthen to a point where it is eminently useful for our life, otherwise every change in the course of things deviates us from any set direction. Permanence is sought, which implies integrity of self, being ourselves, which to be intentionally gained would normally involve a project to that end, at least as the undercurrent to another task, as in the Crafts… This keeps us on track.

Actually it’s like a new normal, be an ordinary man or woman, as we should be, that’s all. A rare creature; witness all the violence, not just wars on television, the daily treading of a path amongst people estranged from their potential human nature that makes daily life leap between the wonderful and the treacherous – best stay indoors and keep distant! Get a cat or dog or budgie. How far from simple community – not that there was a golden age but there were moments and places, and decent figureheads but in the main people are fed up with ‘leaders’, untrustworthy, violent, weird, self-possessed, exclusive. Amid all that hubris were and are fine people, real humans. We aim to be among these.

On becoming ordinary – meaning not being negatively extra-ordinary – the conditions are valid for personal development. We have chosen to develop in the Way of Becoming Human. That’s our new Universalistic Humanism.

This can be done in usual life by taking up an appropriate challenge and for this there are the organisations built through the Humanist Movement, plus Silo’s Message, as lifelong projects, or, there is scaling the heights directly with the Disciplines.

Surely others ways exist outside ours too.

Though others may posit this in their own way the achievement of self liberation – coined differently by different groups but spoken of as Buddha Nature in Buddhist teachings – and its final flourish in a hearty life changing experience is a worthy destiny of each of us though not necessarily gained via a bolt of lightning hit; gradual is the path of many. This allows good action in the world. No extra baggage. It’s called a purification but really it is the result of purification.

To return to Silo’s S of R, it’s terminology is straightforward and devoid of irrational words and portends which confound many otherwise useful teachings. Using it as a tool takes any secondary school educated person into the domain. This is important because the mystery of life, of our universe, is a real one and in the end that mystery can be wondered at and accepted, and wonder kickstarts religious feeling, part of our human make up. The meaning of life lies there, here.

# For example in Self Liberation by L.A. Ammann, available from various Parks of Study & Reflection, also Contributions to Thought at:


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