Alice Slater writes:
Something to think about as we make our individual responses and organizational responses to the wholly inadequate G7 that came out of Hiroshima which failed to mention meaningful measures for nuclear disarmament or the upcoming UN meeting in Geneva this spring to discuss next steps for nuclear disarmament. There are opportunities for non-nuclear weapon states to negotiate a ban treaty as the world did for chemical and biological weapons. And the US and its allies should be talking about reinstating the Ant-Ballistic Missile Treaty, getting our new missile bases out of Eastern Europe, disbanding NATO a rusty cold war alliance and taking up the Chinese-Russian proposal to ban weapons in space which the US has been blocking since 2008. Those steps would open a path to actually discussing nuclear abolition with Russia and the other nuclear weapons states that are playing catch up with the US who currently has plans to spend one trillion over the next 30 years for new bomb factories, nukes and delivery systems!!

Alice [abolition-caucus]

On Behalf Of Beatrice Fihn
Monday, April 11, 2016
To: ICAN Campaigners
Subject: [ICAN] G7 summit press release

Hi all,

ICAN did a short press release earlier this morning on the G7 declaration from the Hiroshima meeting today. You can find it here:

I think it’s important that we add our voice and perspective every time nuclear weapons are being discussed in media.

Akira has been doing loads of media in Japan today, and we were very happy to have Setsuko Thurlow weigh in with her thoughts on the declaration in our press release too! And both ICAN France and ICAN Germany did their own PR’s too, which you can find here and here.

Beatrice Fihn