It’s not anti-Dilma, or anti-Lula, it’s anti the progress of the Brazilian people

29.03.2016 - Adital

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It’s not anti-Dilma, or anti-Lula, it’s anti the progress of the Brazilian people

By Ilka Oliva Corado.

The word “people” frightens the business elite, the bourgeoisie and the Latin American middle class, they become uneasy when they hear about the working class, let alone when the impassioned cry of rebellious peasants resounds like the echo of an erupting volcano. Indigenous people have spent more than five hundred years resisting, they will not be defeated now.

These presidents who were democratically elected with the vote of those most abused by the system, the oligarchs and the ungrateful call “populist” with the clear aim to belittle the vote of the people for being precisely that: the people.

It’s not anti-Maduro. It’s not anti-Evo. It’s not anti-Correa. It’s not anti-Cristina, it’s anti the progress of the people. It’s not anti-Fidel, it’s anti the integrity of the Cuban people. It’s not anti-Chavez, it’s anti the Bolivarian Revolution. It’s not anti-corruption by progressive governments, it’s anti the opportunity to provide the humiliated social classes with an integral life. To explain it with images, it’s anti the blossoming of the peasant and proletarian working class.

It’s anti the health and educational system, and anti those policies that support social equality, inclusion, human rights and the intent to dignify the Historical Memory.

It’s anti those who strive for the independence of their people and those who are against any US interference in the region.

The business elite is not happy when the oppressed are aware of freedom of thought and action. When they know and exercise their rights. When they also have access to the basic rights that is the obligation of the state to provide.

What would happen to the oligarchs if the oppressed revolted? If the illiterate learn to read and write? If universities awaken and give free rein to the analytical thinking of their students rather than destroying it? If the college graduate had as their life’s mission: “nothing for me that isn’t also for everyone”?  What kind of oligarchy would agree to that?

In a nutshell, what South America is now undergoing is the result of the excellent logistics of the dirty war in every country. Without resorting to bloody dictatorships as in previous decades, through polarization of the media, they have been able to achieve the brainwashing of the Latin American middle class which, because of their classism, racism and inhumanity, is easy to manipulate.

They have become an amorphous mass devoid of reasoning taking to the streets of their countries to protest and show support for the incongruous, the unfair and inhuman. What we have experienced in Brazil in recent days is a clear example of the success of the dirty war in the region.

There is no worse enemy for a people in a developing country than a middle class that has benefited from the policies of progressive governments. They’re extraordinarily ungrateful, greedy, and treacherous. They’re submissive and chameleonic. They’re a steamroller, a springboard. For the oligarchs, they’re the means to get in again.

By way of example and to clearly show how easy the middle class can be manipulated, just see the calamity of Guatemala where thousands turned out to protest corruption (and rightly so) but they were looking for any excuse to change the system and to implement necessary transformations. That’s why they were willing to carry out a de-facto coup d’état against Perez Molina (the genocidal) on behalf of the oligarchs and the US embassy in Guatemala. (The guy was already burned, there was no more use for him). And by taking advantage of the demonstrations and ardent fanaticism they were made to believe that they, the protesters, had forced the resignation of Molina and Baldetti.

All the business and military elite and the US embassy did was to change the lackey in the presidential office, placing one far more servile and ad hoc with a level of religious fanaticism, classism and xenophobia that the Guatemalan middle class displays with gusto. And the icing on the cake was that they displayed the guy in the shop window and these middle class and bourgeoisie fell into the trap, and gave him their vote.

And so, feeling happy and satisfied they think they made history after making some corrupt guy resign the presidency and placing instead another usurer with a puritanical air. Guatemala has what it deserves.

Thus is the Latin American middle class manipulated, let’s not forget the coup in Honduras and the role they played there.

In Argentina, its brand-new president has, in three months, swept away 12 years of achievements by the governments of Nestor and Cristina. In Venezuela they elected a right-wing National Assembly, which enthusiastically applauds the fact that for the second year in a row Obama has declared the country a threat to US security. In Brazil, the middle class is attempting a coup or at least to trying to repeat the fate of Venezuela so that Obama (or Hillary, who no doubt will be the new president of the United States) will also sign a decree declaring the country of the beautiful game to be a threat, thus preparing the ground for a possible military invasion.

Without ideology, without humanity, without analytical thinking, unwilling to move, and without integrity, the Latin American middle class serves as a tool for any interference seeking to stop the advancement of the people.

Translated by Marvin Najarro.

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