Fellow activist Tomas Membreno said in a statement, “Honduras has lost a brave and committed social activist”. Caceres, a mother of four, led opposition to a proposed dam on the Gualcarque river, considered sacred by the Lencas and she had previously complained about receiving death threats from police, soldiers and local landowners because of her activism.

Going further, activist Carlos Reyes described the assasination “a political crime by the government”. “The information from the police is that (attackers) broke into her home from the back and shot her twice, but we all know it’s a lie, that they killed her because of her struggle,” said Reyes.

He said police had measures in place to protect Caceres, who recently won a ruling by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights granting her special security measures. “For years, she had been the victim of a sustained campaign of harassment and threats to stop her from defending the rights of indigenous communities,” said Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas Director for Amnesty International. Regarding repercussion she also said, “Berta’s death will have a devastating impact for many human rights activists and organizations.

A family member who admitted they were devastated by the loss of “fearless Berta” on speaking to the media said “We ask the international community and human rights organizations around the world to put pressure on their leaders to bring about justice. Her murder is an act of cowardice that will only amplify Bertita’s message to bring about change in Honduras and make this a better, more humane world.”