ENGLISH Mini-Video: Noam Chomsky on Environmental Dangers, Nuclear war, Neo-Liberal Assault on Democracy & U.S Terrorism

“There is a global terrorism campaign, far beyond any other. It’s Obama’s drone campaign. That’s a terrorist campaign of a scale that has never existed in the past. This campaign is formally, officially, explicitly aimed at people who the government suspects might some day want to harm us. ‘Might some day want to harm us!’. They have to be killed, along with anybody else that’s standing around. I mean, if Al Qaida or anyone came out with a campaign like that we would be beyond scandalized, we’d probably nuke them. But that’s official policy supported by the western countries. Now that’s a serious problem. Global terrorism is a serious problem. This is right at the top. We could go on and think of plenty of others.”

Watch interview of Zain Raza from AcTVism Munich with Noam Chomsky here.

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