Pretoria- It is that time of the year again for 16 Days of Activism in South Africa, where Non Government Organisations (NGOs) are saying NO to women and child abuse for these 16 days from 25 November to 10 December of each year. One of the objectives of the 16 days of activism is to attract all South Africans to be activists and participants in the fight to STOP women and child abuse and violence in the country. The rate of sexual violence in South Africa is amongst the highest in the world.

Times Live published an article in August 2014 using Statistics South Africa as a source, that in each 36 seconds someone is raped in South Africa. On the other hand the Marketing Manager at Legacy Life, Andren Ehmeke, told Africa Check that South African Police 2012/2013 analysis crime statistics show that 64, 514 rapes were reported that year. In terms of the percentage this will be 7.5% of the rape cases reported. To add salt to the wound, reports from Statistices SA suggest that about 100 women are raped every hour and 2,400 women are raped everyday in South Africa. Moreover, it is estimated that about 500 000 rape cases are committed in South Africa every year.

Statistics SA continued saying, violence in South Africa happens in the low income bracket group. Unfortunately, men are the perpetrators of domestic and sexual abuse. In addition to this, men still commit violence against other men.

South Africa’s Injury Mortality and Surveillance System together with the South African Medical Research Council revealed that, the rate in which men are killing one another within the country is rated amongst the highest anaywhere.

On the other hand, children are at the greatest risk from caregivers to the family members known in the community, neighbours, friends just like in the topical case of one little girl of three years who was raped by the next door neighbour. Moreover, Statistics SA, says South Africa holds the highest rate of father absence in the world. In the end, the results show that children left alone are vulnerable, because there is no proper parenting or good family structure.

At the time of going to press, many activities were organised for this 16 days of activism by community leaders, community based organisations, politicians, and the government itself to STOP women and child abuse.

As President Zuma was launching the 16 days of activism in Mahikeng North West, he said activism against gender based violence should be a long campaign of 365 days and not 16 days. This year’s theme is ”count me in -together moving a non-violent South Africa forward”.