On the International day of Nonviolence, EuroMarches celebrated the meaning of this principle which underlines this citizen initiative.

Yesterday’s events, which centred on the condemnation of tax havens located within the EU, culminated in Seville where a thousand people received the South-East column and walked together on the final 6 kilometres before reaching the San Telmo Palace, seat of the Andalucia government. After the Citizens Assembly in front of the palace, the activists moved to the Seville Education Office to show solidarity with José C. known across Seville as Pepe, a father who has been on hunger strike for 21 days demanding that his son receives the continuous special attention during the school day that he qualifies for.

Today EuroMarches enters Extremadura. In Almendralejo, at the time of the grape harvest, a hundred people welcomed the March in the central square, where there were moments of tension with the police, during a welcome event for EuroMarches. Later on, the activists where welcomed with a dinner in Corrala-Solidaridad, a collection of 50 houses occupied by homeless families, belonging to the bank Caja Duero which was bailed out with public money. The slogan for the event was: “Not one family without a house, nor any house without a family”

In the afternoon, from Torremejías, A walk of 16km will take the Marchers to Mérida.

The issues that the social movements of the region have placed on the EuroMarches agenda are headed by the problems of unemployment and poverty, with special attention on child poverty. In addition, EuroMarches is demonstrating its solidarity with the workers of Diter-Zafra and the Monesterio mine. “We are concerned by the extent of transgenic agriculture and we denounce the secret negotiations of TTIP, the free trade agreement between the USA and the EU, that were it to be approved, would totally ruin rural agriculture and the production of quality food.”