NoTTIP Campaign Newsletter

Dear Friends

While Europe is divided in the face of the migration crisis, our European movement against TTIP and CETA is constantly drawing closer together and growing in strength. 2.78 million people have already signed our European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), 700 municipalities including whole cities and regions have declared themselves as “TTIP-free zones” and recently a network of small and medium-sized enterprises has emerged in support of our resistance. Together, we will take to the streets again on October 10th – in Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Oslo and many other places in Europe. Here you can find a map of events during our International Days of Action!

But our main goal is to collect as many signatures as possible until the end of our ECI on October 6th. With only 220,000 signatures missing, the 3 million-mark is within our grasp, but there are only 19 days left to finish off with a bang! Many of you have already committed to collect 5, 10 or even 50 new signatures by the deadline of the 6th. Make a pledge, too! As soon as you have completed the online form, we will provide you with some ideas and tips on what you can do to get people to sign. We need every single signature we can get – now!

We’re already excited about going to Brussels with our bags packed with the many signatures collected to celebrate the successful conclusion of our ECI. Come along because you are part of this success! We will present the signatures to the European Commission on 7 October in a creative campaign action. If you want to join: We are going to meet on the roundabout by the Schuman Metro station at 10:30 am (any changes to this plan will be posted on our Facebook event page). From there we will head to the Commission’s doorstep together to conclude our ECI and mark the beginning of our International Days of Action!

Best wishes,
Your Stop TTIP campaign team
(Michael Efler, Stephanie Roth and Cornelia Reetz)