The Taliban in both Afghanistan and Pakistan are now ready to bring peace in their regions. The former premier and Taliban apex leader Mollah Omar’s spokesperson said this on the eve of Eid festivities.

Congratulating this gesture from the Taliban side, Afghan president Ashraf Ghani said this step would usher in a walk along the avenue of peace in Afghanistan and its surrounding regions.

He welcomed their eagerness to join the peace process saying Afghan people wanted peace instead of bloodshed on their soils. He aspired to resolve all conflicts with discourse.

Earlier, in July, Pakistan hosted face-to-face peace talks between Taliban and the Afghan government supervised by Chinese representatives and those from the USA. That discourse helped erase suspicions and dealt with the want of confidence among the warring parties.

Now both the parties prepare to sit together as they earlier committed to sit after Ramadan. It is worth mentioning that it was Ghani who sought the support from Pakistan to have these two warring parties sit together. Accordingly, Islamabad influenced all to come to the table for discussions.

Eid Mubarak