On the 22nd and 23rd of May 2015 more than 500 people gathered from all over the world to witness the official inauguration of the gate, hall and stele of Mikebuda Park of Study and Reflection in Hungary.  The small village of Mikebuda is 10 kilometres from the nearby town of Albertirsa and 66 kilometres from the centre of Budapest.  This inauguration marks the completion of the park.  All the elements are now in place with a stainless steel monolith, a fountain, a centre of work and a centre of studies already in place.  This Park is a project that has taken 5 years to complete and is a place from where the doctrine of peace and nonviolence, personal change and social transformation, proposed by the Argentinian spiritual guide, Silo, will irradiate into the world through the Humanist Movement and the communities of Silo’s Message that will use the park for retreats, seminars, craft workshops and days of interchange with others or silent reflection and study.


Friends arrive by bus from Budapest
It's always a good time to take a selfie with friends
The ceremony to open the gate to the park
The park opens its gates
Five hundred friends from around the world came to witness
The meditation hall is opened with a ceremony
The hall fills up
There's no room for everyone to fit so people are standing in the aisles and in the doorways.
Around the park people meet to interchange about different spiritual themes
Around the park people meet to interchange about different spiritual themes
The first wedding takes place in the hall
The Dance of the Spheres is performed in the hall
The dance is watched by a captive audience
Friends from all continents came to celebrate including from such distant places as Mozambique and the Philippines
Thanks are given by the stele: the wall on which appear the names of nearly 700 people on stainless steel plates
The rain stopped when the gate was opened and by the day's end the park was in glorious sunshine
People watched the ceremony sitting on the grass by the hall
By night the park is illuminated
The peace, force and joy experienced in these days will last long in the memory