The US-human rights activist Angela Davis visited the refugees who occupied the Gerhard Hauptmann school in Berlin at the 15th of may

After the district had forbidden a visit within the school for a talk, the refugees explained their situation in front of the school on the street. They also had a longer, more intensive discussion about the future strategies of the refugees movement in a nearby local.

Davis explains: „All human beings deserve to be treated as human beings. All human beings deserve jobs and housing and health care. […] The refugee movement is the movement of the 21st century. It’s the movement that is challenging the effects of global capitalism. It’s the movement that is calling for human rights for all human beings.”

Angela Davis regards Berlin as central for a global refugees movement. She was also giving a talk in the reknown Werkstatt der Kulturen in Neukölln with a lot of people attending.

The refugees, who had camped at the Oranienplatz in Berlin, in protest to the conditions they face in germany, are still in Berlin. Although the Berlin Senate had promised them to investigate their cases with great care (as was the deal to leave the Oranienplatz), most of them got notifications after a very short time to leave Berlin or germany. Many of them are now in different locations and their supporters are working hard to collect all the necessary papers and documents in order to give them a fair test of their applications for stay.

As a remembrance to them and also to the many who died in the mediterrean and are still dying, the protestant church organises a memorial watch from Monday til Friday next week. “We are still here!