As a response to the recent xenophobic attacks in the country, there is now a newly formed Ministerial Task Team which is made up of the following Departments: State Security, Police, Defence, Justice, Social Development, Home Affairs. Each minister is representing their Department, whilst Minister Jeff Radebe comes directly from the office of The Presidency to lead the team.

The Ministerial Task Team held a press conference a day after the Freedom Day holiday, where it laid out how exactly it is going to ensure that the act of xenophobic violence and attacks are never repeated again, but come to an end. Amongst the things mentioned were the formation of dedicated courts set up to address the xenophobic cases.

As each minister responded to questions asked by journalists, it became known that the government of South Africa has committed to imposing harsh sentences in xenophobic cases. However, it was openly said that illegal immigrants will be prosecuted. By the same token, last week the country saw several civil organisations marching against xenophobic attacks.

Amongst the countries that used strong language regarding the xenophobic attacks were Malawi, and Zimbabwe where they talked about boycotting South African goods. In this regard, we have reliably learnt that Nigeria has recalled her two diplomats, though the Minister in the Presidency Mr. Jeff Radebe told the press conference that South Africa and Nigeria still have a very good relationship, as there are South African companies that are still operating in Nigeria.

The police and the army were patrolling side by side in Hillbrow and Mayfair these passed days, where about 50 undocumented migrants were arrested and handed over to Home Affairs, according to LT. Colonel Dlamini of the South African Police. There are reports though which say that Africans still considers South Africa a safe haven.