“We cannot continue to manage situations with unilateral decisions; unilateral language should not be included in international relations. In a globalized world what should prevail are multilateral rules, mutual agreements, dialogue, confidence; these are the best options,” the group holder said.In each of the statements, chancellors reaffirmed that Venezuela’s internal situation should be solved by democratic mechanisms according to the Venezuelan Constitution and supported the government of Nicolas Maduro.“Unasur member States declare their support to celebrate the next parliament elections, convinced of the importance of maintaining a constitutional order, as well as democracy and the validity of human rights,” the text shows.Unasur reiterated their call to the US government to evaluate and implement dialogue alternatives with the Venezuelan government under the principles of respect to sovereignty and people’s self-determination. Thus, requesting the revoke of the executive order.Venezuela expects a positive reaction from the US The Venezuelan foreign minister affirmed that her country expects a positive reaction from the US government and said that it should respect the decision of sovereign states.When asked about the government of Barack Obama’s request to free the supposed political prisoners, Rodriguez insisted that her country asks for respect in their internal affairs.According to the Venezuelan diplomacy leader, this meeting dealt with the possibility to call for a Unasur presidents’ summit to discuss about this topic.Ricardo Patiño, Ecuadorian Foreign minister said the US statement was rejected because it “violates Venezuela’s sovereignty and affects its internal decisions.”Unasur holder also announced an experts meeting to evaluate Venezuela’s needs in terms of provisions and to proceed to send them to the country.