In our Park of Study and Reflection, Punta de Vacas, we conducted yet again a Messengers meeting, from January 2nd to the 4th, with workshops held on the 5th and on the 6th Silo’s birthday was celebrated. The days were all very interesting and, I will say, touching, and over those days took place many exchanges, exhibitions, video projections, with opinions given, and references made to the various activities of ours that are taking place and all this amid multiple and diverse conversations. We went deep into ourselves in our experiences by our Ceremonies, of Service, Well Being, and Recognition.
Pilgrims arrived from Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Mozambique, Bolivia, Colombia, France, Italy, Spain, and USA and all easily integrated with the various Communities of Messengers of Chile and Argentina – who had arrived from the various regions and provinces to a grand number of over five hundred attendees.
These were memorable days where kindness, dialogue, and affectionate embraces showed a lifestyle so typical of our many friends and where our adherence to the idea that ‘A new spirituality is beginning to be expressed worldwide’ was in clear evidence – contradicting all the otherwise tensions and the violence that hits in its various forms and in this way we counter the daily portends of immanent disaster.
In this gathering we are following the recommendation of Silo that at least once a year we take time to reflect on our own lives, how we got here, how we go along, how we want to continue and, in particular, deciding on ‘in what conditions do we want to live ‘ – always in the spirit of “Here is joy, love of the body, nature, humanity, and spirit” …
Thus our pilgrimage to this mountain in its, singular, majestic, wholy Andean landscape; that serves as a stage to address the question of what do we internally need; we also ask that all goes well with our own self and our loved ones, giving thanks for everything good that happens to us. May we be able to resist the dire trends of the day, and do it with many friends and companions, in coherence. We collectively wished that all humanity would head in a better direction.
Report by Tito de Casas