Celebrations of Eid-Millad-ul-Nabi, the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (May his blessings be upon us.), in Jammu & Kashmir State, where both Shia and Sunni Muslim communities from various parts of the country participate.

The main thrust of the speeches by Islamic scholars on the day is to remind the faithful of the message and teachings of Prophet Muhammad laying stress on human love, brotherhood and kindness. Scholars also emphasize the universal acceptance and relevance of the teachings and message and they elaborated on how the Prophet has laid stress on kindness towards all the creations of God and a love for fellow beings.

A number of clerics, through their sermons, impress upon the people the need to be united in their following of the teaching of Prophet, jointly, as his each and every word shows the faithful the right path and gives lessons of kindness, love and brother hood. In thought provoking addresses the message goes out that a Muslim is not only he or she who will hold prayers five times a day but who adopts the teachings of Prophet Muhammad in day-to-day life.