Hanoi, Aug 25 (Prensa Latina) The gender breach in births in Vietnam confirm the prediction that by 2050, more than four million men will have difficulties to find a female spouse in the country. The latest statistics presented by the director of the Population and Family Planning Department, Duong Quoc Trong, show that in the first semester of 2014, there were 144 men per every 100 women.

Doung told a new conference that Vietnam is determined to maintain its relevant measures to correct that situation, but the cultural tradition of preferring sons instead of daughters is deeply rooted in people’s minds.

Although authorities declared prenatal gender selection illegal and established hospital controls over ultrasound screenings, there is still a black market for such services, the experts pointed out in a specialized press conference.

A recent survey showed that only 11 percent of women preferred to have daughters, three times lower than those who preferred sons.