Sima Samar is a recipient of Right Livelihood Award Foundation’s award.

Sima Samar, born 3 February 1957, is a woman’s rights and human rights advocate, activist and a social worker on national and international forums. She served as Minister of Women’s Affairs of Afghanistan from December 2001 to 2003 and is currently the Chairperson of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) and, since 2005, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Sudan. In 2011, she was part of the newly founded Truth and Justice party…

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Birgit Jaeckel, Lead Consultant, International Communications for the Right Livelihood Award Foundation says the organisation produced a new short documentary on Sima Samar – as she was an award winner recently. It’s available in both English and German, and it is free to use, however now there is a dispute over some of the materials included which are copyrighted, so the links do not work – thus have been removed.

Here are her details from the organisation’s web page:

Sima Samar (Afghanistan)

“…for her longstanding and courageous dedication to human rights, especially the rights of women, in one of the most complex and dangerous regions in the world.”

Sima Samar is a doctor for the poor, an educator of the marginalised and defender of the human rights of all in Afghanistan. She has established and nurtured the Shuhada Organization that, in 2012, operated more than one hundred schools and 15 clinics and hospitals dedicated to providing education and healthcare, particularly focusing on women and girls. She served in the Interim Administration of Afghanistan and established the first-ever Ministry of Women’s Affairs. Since 2004, she has chaired the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission that holds human rights violators accountable, a commitment that has put her own life at great risk.