In a heartwarming short movie, a group of Israelis were interviewed on what their wishes for Iran were. The answers reveal a citizenry tired of the escalation between the two countries.

Designed by the One Wish Project, this video aims at capturing the genuine attitudes of the street in Israel regarding the conflict with Iran. Far from the fear-mongering and rhetorical escalation that usually characterizes the official discourse of Israel towards Iran (and vice-versa), the testimonies of the people interviewed are more serene. Their concerns appear to be more humane than political, ranging from appeals to peace to a blunt disgust with the undue confrontation between the two countries. Except one or two discordant voices (“Iran shouldn’t mess with Israel…”), the overwhelming majority of the people interviewed rose beyond the noise of conflict and asserted that a lot more things unite them with Iranians than what separates them. « I prayed that my God would have a coffee with your God, and maybe a good laugh and a conversation. I prayed that love could be enough. I prayed that love could be enough, » says one of the organizers of the campaign.

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