The acknowledged Chaos Computer Club (CCC) together with the International League for Human Rights has launched persecution against Angela Merkel, and the presidents of Federal Intelligence Service (BND), Military Protection Service (MAD) and the Federal Office of Protection of the Constitution. The accusation comprises illegal cooperation among US, British and German secret service and deliberate violation of civil rights concerning personal privacy, as well as obstruction of punishment.

The CCC states that since months the publications about massive observation of German citizens and attacks against information-technological systems are accumulating, while no serious move can be seen that these offenses of German and foreign actors are being examined. With this official accusal at the Federal Public Prosecutor Office, the Club wants to actively push forward this overdue topic. They are convinced that the responsible persons in the above mentioned institutions have not only known about the assaults and connived at the violations but actively supported them.

“Every German citizen is affected by massive secret service exploration of his/her communication data. But our laws protect him and threat the ones with punishment who are responsible for such observation. Therefore investigation by the Federal Prosecutor is demanded, is even a matter of rule of law.”, says Dr. Julius Mittenzwei, advocate and member of CCC.

CCC also proposes to hear the whistle-blower Edward Snowden as a witness and to guarantee him the adequate protection.

Since there are comparable accusals in France and Belgium, the activists of CCC hope, that the interest of European Court of Human Rights could be awakened.


Posted by: Johanna Heuveling, Pressenza Berlin